Bodybuilders in the UK can use Dianabol more like a supplement than like a steroid and establish a cycle that produces better results with a lower potential for side effects.

Faults of the Current Trend

An analysis of the present trend of Dianabol cycling reveals its inadequacies.

Many UK bodybuilders often structure a common Dianabol cycle as a 25mg to 40mg split throughout the course of each day and take Anabol alone or stack it with additional steroids. Their cycle usually lasts between four weeks to six weeks.

Water retention commonly occurs from Dianabol doses of 25mg or higher because the drug aromatizes readily. Most men commonly believe that an increase of extra estrogen usually causes nearly all of their water retention.

However, I believe that Dianabol affects the balance of minerals in the body, especially potassium and sodium, which causes the body to retain water initially. The mineral imbalance combined with the estrogenic side effects of Dianabol creates water retention.

A Better Method

You cannot do much about the mineral imbalance in your body, but you can attempt to lower the aromatizing of Anabol with anti-estrogens like Nolvadex (tamoxifen).

You can deal with water retention another way by taking a smaller dose of Dianabol so there will not be as much of the drug to aromatize. When you have less estrogen in your body, you should have less retention of water. Your levels of estrogen will decline slowly when you take a lower dose of the drug during a cycle, so begin the cycle by taking a smaller Dianabol dose of 10mg or 20mg a day.

There is no reason to split the dosage when you take a smaller dose of the steroid because splitting it would give you a smaller peak. Therefore, you will get better results by taking Dianabol once each day in the mornings. Grapefruit juice is the best liquid to drink when taking the drug. Even though this will not stop the repression of natural testosterone, it may slightly lower it because your body will have little testosterone circulating for long periods in the afternoons and evenings and may still generate some of the hormone.

It may seem like a cycle of four to six weeks is too short to be effective when you are taking a low dosage of Anabol, but using the steroid for a longer period can put your liver at risk. However, if you do not take Dianabol on the weekends, your liver can rest for two days after processing the steroid for five days. Dianabol has a short half-life, and its active ingredients do not remain in your system longer than 24 hours after taking your last dose. You may think this method would counteract your gains, but you will ultimately suffer minimal or no losses by following this procedure. The effects of Dianabol, like a more anabolic mineral balance and additional intramuscular water, will still be in your body even after the active drug is gone although the effects normally diminish gradually over a few days. Nevertheless, this process will not assist with returning your natural testosterone from its state of repression because the method can be a great deal slower.

However, when you skip weekends along with taking a smaller dose of the steroid, you should theoretically have no problem taking Dianabol for 10 weeks. A mathematical equation makes the point best. Taking 25mg of Dianabol every day for six weeks gives you a total of 1050mg of the drug. Taking 15mg of Anabol five days a week for ten weeks gives you a total of 750mg of the drug. This system allows your liver to process a smaller amount of Dianabol than it would process in the usual cycle, which produces fewer side effects. In addition, four extra weeks of making gains gives you a very effective cycle.